Breast Cancer Awareness

Yaws @10 is dedicated to my sister Sainey who left us last Christmas suffering from breast cancer...My heart bleeds knowing how much you wanted my success in what I do 🤐#Yallah Bakhna #May Jannatul Firdaws continues being your resting place.
Percentage Of Proceeds from the event will go towards a setting up of a Breast Cancer Foundation. This is a cause dear that is near and dear to Ms. Conatehs heart following a recent family tragedy in which her sister died a young age from this disease. Figures from The Gambia National Cancer Registry show that breast cancer cases continue to rise and are second only to cancer of the cervix as the most common cancers affecting women in this country. There is much fear, taboo and misconceptions surrounding this disease, the lack of information results in many patients being diagnosed too late and consequently dying of the disease. The foundation will aim to raise awareness, educate women about the need for prevention and early detection and in doing so help to save lives. The setting up of the foundations will be done in collaboration with key players from the Ministry Of Health, the main EFSTH hospital, WHO–IARC and NGO partners.  

Last modification: Wed 26 Apr 2017