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The collection is afro-Eurocentric fusion with a twist of Bohemian, made using a BATIK

technique called CRACK. This collection pays an homage to the traditions and artisans

of The Gambia, expressed in the blue, green and brown colours, inspired by nature and

love for BAKAU.v


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I have done so many different collections and am in my 9th year journey of doing BUSINESS. This collection is very special to me…I am really excited about it for Fashion Weekend Gambia 2016. I have reached a time In my life where growth made me realize one simple and POWERFUL thing in life yet foolishly considered. my collection AMORE is inspired by LOVE……. I feel we are leaving in a moment where so much hatred is happening on daily basis around the GLOBE not to mention AFRICA and much more our beloved GAMBIA. LOVE is highly needed everywhere on earth and we should be responsible! so much forward development could be accomplished if we all Love and Respect one another. Lets LOVE and LIVE for only this can bring us together In Peace and Harmony


Lets love. One Love.


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...Four years down the line of pushing for the Gambian flag to be on the fashion map, came Gambia Fashion Night, an internaional fashion show to be held in my country for the first time of its kind, Nana Kuku a German designer was invited along with other internaional designers …because I was also part of the organizing team, there was not enough time to present a haute couture collecion so I decided to go avant garde and so I used calabashes and potato sacks, inspired by traditional food, it was very special and I happened to be the only designer who had a standing ovation….


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This collection was done with mixed feelings…this ?me around my collection was focused on offering an inspired sampling of elegant, stylish, simple and easy to wear outits for both sexes. I wanted to create pieces that bore an elegant yet sexy theme. For the guys, I wanted to bring out the feminine side in men. I achieved this with a playful use of fabrics and colours--. I detailed the looks with shimmering and multicoloured buttons which were also beaded as decorations. The collection beat the regular expectations… avant--garde!


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 The word indigo brings to mind many images, deep blue and seemingly timeless…these images are sometimes caught in the shifting blue lengths of fabric which flow from the heads and shoulders of mysterious nomads as they endlessly trace and retrace ancient trails across the Sahara, yet this stark African scene is complemented by a more contemporary concept of indigo which I have used, it is both earthy and tangible..


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This collection is a close exploration of indigenous fabric and heritage. In this collection I used a traditional woven material which is used by one of The Gambian ethnic groups ”Samba Coca” as we call it, it is a plain earthy material. It is earthy and 100% co

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